The Eye of the Beholder

By Tiphaine Mercier and Lola Delabays

Tiphaine and Lola show how two photographers can produce a unique shot when given the same subject in a raw setting.


For this shoot, Lola used her DSLR Canon Camera mounted with a 18-55mm lens, whilst Tiphaine used the same camera with her 35mm lense, and her iPhone.


After choosing Inesa as their model, Tiphaine and Lola scouted a setting for their shoot. “We first toured a park, considering the potential that the branches and leaves offered. As we moved away, we spotted a vintage-feel pink wall which attracted the both of us instantaneously,” said Lola.


The photo shoot was hardly planned beforehand. Lola explained, “We let Inesa do her own thing as we shot her, simultaneously, from different angles. I would instruct Inesa as the ideas came to me. As a photographer, who is used to the comfort of the shadow of the camera, it was hard to constantly instruct the model to pose. In my eyes, the beauty of photography is its spontaneity.”


Although Tiphaine and Lola managed to reach a consensus on the model, as something about Inesa inspired the both of them, the resulting photos still retained their unique qualities. Their final shots show both Inesa’s spontaneity in her poses, as well as the photographers’ visions and ability to create the image which they desired. Through the editing process, the moment captured in the shot is intensified, as the colours are altered to strengthen the atmosphere in a way which reflects each photographer’s individual style.



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